Hercules WAE-BTP05 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (White)

Hercules WAE-BTP05 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (White)

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Hercules WAE-BTP05 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (White) Overviews

You love Android, and we do too! The new Hercules WAE-BTP05 (Wireless Audio Experience) Portable Bluetooth Speaker has been specially designed for the community of Android users. Its fun and trendy design is both modern and ergonomic. This speaker perfectly suits your Android’s lifestyle! It offers best-in-class Bluetooth technology that ensures incredible sound quality within a 10 meter range. Included is a dedicated Android application which allows you to control your speaker, play your favorite songs from your library and access thousands of Web radio stations. As soon as you launch the application, your speaker connects to your smartphone, even if your Bluetooth is off! It is fully portable: the speaker is powered by a battery, and provides 12 hours of playing time at medium volume. The speaker can follow you everywhere you go! It’s easy to carry, thanks to the built-in handle. Launch the Android app (available on Google Play) and the WAE Android speaker automatically connects to your device. The application handles your Bluetooth connection: there’s no need to deal with complex menus to enable it! Then you can control your speaker at your fingertips. Turn the volume on your speaker up or down via your smartphone, enable audio effects and pre-defined equalizer settings. Enjoy a huge database of Web radio stations, and a cool player to listen to your favorite iTunes playlists. Thanks to the device selection icon, you decide where the sound will be played: either on your device, or on the speaker. The WAE-BTP05 is designed for demanding listeners. The speaker’s sound quality benefits from Hercules’ extensive audio expertise. You will enjoy virtually no distortion, even at high volumes. Play it loud and long with 12 hours of playing time at medium volume. This is just amazing, considering the audio output power that the speaker delivers. The 2 full-range speaker drivers provide great frequency response, from 80 Hz to 20 kHz.


  • Play it loud: even though it’s battery-powered, the speaker delivers 15 W RMS, which is powerful enough to party with your friends on the go!
  • Full equalization: a great deal of attention has been paid to sound quality, and thanks to the built-in equalizer, the speaker is able to deliver rich bass and pure sound at high frequencies.
  • One 3.5 mm mini-jack line input for connecting an MP3 player or any other audio device.
  • Specifications: Bluetooth 3.0 AD2P , 10 meter range , Android dedicated application , Frequency response: 80 Hz -20,000 Hz , Power: 15 W RMS , Battery life: 12 hours , Power supply: 12 V/1.6 A
  • Speaker dimensions: 13.4″ (D) x 5.5″ (W) x 4.7″ (H) , Included in the Box: 1 Bluetooth speaker , 1 power adapter , 1 User Manual , Warranty certificate

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