TDK V513 Wireless Sound Cube

TDK V513 Wireless Sound Cube

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The TDK Life on Record Wireless Sound Cube combines innovative design and cutting edge Bluetooth® wireless technology to deliver a stylish and portable music experience. As visually arresting as it is sonically impressive, delivering 360 degrees of TDK Signature Sound, the Wireless Sound Cube also brings the ultimate in technological flexibility. Whether it’s in the corner or the middle of the room, the wireless Sound Cube provides the flexibility to select sound direction for the best audio possible. Adjustable bass and treble provide custom control of your music and the USB charging port lets you power your device while you listen. Whether you take the party with you or have it at home, the wireless Sound Cube gives you the latest in technology with superior sound.


  • Unique design delivers 360° of room filling
  • Near lossless wireless audio streaming
  • Switches from omni directional to directional sound
  • Adjustable bass and treble equalization for ideal sound performance
  • Remote control

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